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Oregon Intellectual Property Law Research: From the Dry to the Diabolical


One of the latest course books we received from OLI is, “Licensing Intellectual Property: Basics and Applications in Media and Technology Transfer,” from a June 1st, 2007, program. This sounds horribly dry and specialized, but it’s not! The contents are funny, informative, well-organized, and cover everything from, if not soup to nuts, then at least from Patent Pitfalls to My Space to “Open Sourcery.” There is even a Checklist (lawyers and librarians love Checklists!) on “Copyright Tips for Using Content of Others,” by attorney Gary Glisson.

My library purchases many course books from the OSB, OLI, and MBA courses that Oregon attorneys are required to take. Some of these course books are terrific stand-alone research tools. Not every attorney/teacher does a good job with printed teaching material, but those who do – well, we thank them!

The other attorneys who participated in this particular CLE include, Julie Reed, David McFeeters-Krone, Paula Holm Jensen, Jeff Pitzer, Michael Heilbronner, Kohel Have, and Brian Jamison.

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