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Oregon Law: Law Commission, Paternity, Contracts, Ethics, and More


The latest issue of the Willamette Law Review (vol.44, #2, Winter 2007) is chock full of articles on Oregon:


The Oregon Law Commission: Bridging the Gaps Between Islands of the Legal Profession, by Jeffrey C. Dobbins

The Oregon Law Commission at Ten: Finding Vision for the Future in the Functions of the Past, by David R. Kenagy

Oregon’s Choice-of-Law Codification for the Contract Conflicts: An Exegesis, by Symeon C. Symeonides

The Oregon Law Commission Braves Controversies in Auto Insurance, by Joel DeVore

The Oregon Law Commission’s Judicial Review Act Project: A Reform Effort Still on the Horizon, by Hardy Myers & Philip Schradle

A New Paternity Law for the Twenty-First Century: Of Biology, Social Function, Children’s Interests, and Betrayal, by Leslie Joan Harris

The Oregon Elective Share Statute: Is Reform an Impossible Dream?, by Susan N. Gary

Judgments, Garnishments, and Judicial Sales: A Case Study of the Law Commission Approach to Law Reform, Gerald G. Watson

Oregon Government Ethics Law Reform, by Wendy J. Johnson, Samuel E. Sears, Daniel J. Rice

Law Reform in Oregon: Notes for a New Generation, by Hans A. Linde


Willamette Law Review articles can be found in print and online (though there is sometimes a delay before online posting):

– At the WLR web site
– At HeinOnline (available free through the WCCLS for card holders).
– At your local law school or public law library.
– On Lexis or Westlaw, sometimes available also at your local public law library.
SSRN (free, but registration usually required).

And, more about the Oregon Law Commission, here.

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