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Oregon Legal Assistance Resource Guide: Free and Low-Cost Lawyer Advice


Oregon lawyers have a network of legal assistance nonprofits, legal aid, and other legal organizations where you can get legal advice from licensed Oregon lawyers in good standing with the Oregon State Bar.

Oregon county law librarians (OCCLL) and friends, with the help of our legal aid and non-profit law firm lawyer partners, have created a Legal Assistance Resource Guide, which you can find:

1) From the Washington County Law Library How to Find a Lawyer webpage (click on the Legal Assistance Resource Guide link). And see also this linked page, which has additional tips on how to find a lawyer: What To Do When You Think You Need A Lawyer.

2) And, from the Oregon Legal Research Free and Low-Cost Lawyer Services website.

Warning! Never take “Oregon legal advice” from anyone other than a licensed Oregon lawyer in good standing with the Oregon State Bar (OSB). Never take legal advice from anyone who says, “I’m not a lawyer, but …” or “I’m not licensed to practice law in Oregon, but ….”

No honest, qualified paralegal, accountant, tax professional, librarian, realtor, etc. will ever give you legal advice and, in fact, will advise you in no uncertain terms to consult an attorney when you need or ask for legal advice.

One would think these warnings would “go without saying,” but we can’t say them enough! I hear every day from people who paid for and relied on legal advice from someone who was not authorized to give legal advice. It’s called the Unauthorized Practice of Law (UPL). Don’t be a victim of UPL. If you are or have been, please report it to the Oregon State Bar.

(This rule (warning) applies to legal advice regarding other states’ laws: make sure you talk to a lawyer licensed in the relevant state(s).)

Visit the Oregon State Bar public information website and look up a lawyer’s Oregon bona fides in the OSB Member Directory.

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