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Oregon Legislative History: Exhibits and Minutes

If you need to know the legislative history of a Oregon statute, please remember:

1) Prior to 1995, Legislative Minutes and Exhibits were microfilmed. The microfilm isn’t complete, and won’t include many other documents that are required when you need to compile a thorough legislative history, but it is still a very useful research resource.

2) From 1995 – 2007: Legislative tracings and minutes are on the Oregon State Archives website. Legislative bills, session law, and some calendars are on the Legislature’s website.

4) Exhibits from previous Legislative Sessions are not online. You will need to go to Salem to find them, either the State Archives or the Legislature, depending on how far back you are researching. Submitting and Accessing Digital Committee Materials Frequently Asked Questions

Remember: Most people have never compiled a legislative history. In fact, many legislators don’t know how to compile a legislative history. I know because I’ve gotten calls from former legislators who need help compiling one. But don’t despair. Your county law libraries are happy to show them and you how to do this research!
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