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Oregon Measure 50 (1997?) and the Fabulous Legislative Liaisons


We love the Oregon Legislature’s Legislative Liaisons, at 503-986-1000!

They are helpful, friendly, and have senses of humor. Wowsers! (And this is not an easy job I am sure, especially during the Legislative Session.)

It’s tough for those of us who are (relative) newcomers to Oregon. Not only are we in the Willamette Valley supposed to know what the heck The Sunset Highway is (Route 26 !) and the Banfield (what the devil is The Banfield? it’s Route 84), but we’re supposed to know 100 years of Oregon Ballot Measures by number, even if they use the same numbers over and over again.

For example:

The Senate Interim Committee on Finance and Revenue is scheduled to meet in Tigard on Tuesday, September 23rd, 2008, to discuss, among other things, Measure 50 (and an end of the day Measure 59 research report, which we can only assume is this Measure 59, but we could be wrong!) If YOU care, call the Legislative Liaisons.

Presumably the subject of this hearing will be 1997 Measure 50 and not this 2007 Measure 50 (but one never knows, does one! And try finding the Measure here or here without knowing exactly what year it passed, or what the exact subject was. But you can search here (SOS search box), using this search . There ought to be a law. Sigh.)

But you can also listen to this hearing live (exciting, eh?):

There are numerous, and overlapping, links into these live hearing links, so try the one that works for you:

1) Legislative Audio and Video
2) Oregon Channel
3) Video and Audio Streams.

And don’t forget THE Oregon Legislature’s Legislative Liaisons, at 503-986-1000!

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One response to “Oregon Measure 50 (1997?) and the Fabulous Legislative Liaisons”

  1. Troy says:

    Did you know that a good portion of I-5 was once known as “The Baldock,” named after State Highway Engineer R.H. Baldock?

    And the Banfield is named after Thomas Banfield, post-war chairman of the Oregon Transportation Commission!

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