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Oregon Revised Statutes (ORS) Copyright Dispute: May 6th Update


More articles on this dispute (some “old”, some new):

1) From Boing Boing, Via WisLaw, comes this on May 2nd: “Archivists to Oregon: your laws aren’t copyrighted, so there!

(BTW: If you haven’t see the short animation film, Gerald McBoing Boing (also here, from IMDB), you’ve missed a real treat.)

2) Also, this story from Et Seq, Update on the Oregon Revised Statutes CopyFight, with a direct link to this April 17th, 2008, story: Oregon goes wacka wacka huna kuna

3) And this one from ARSTechnica: Oregon: publishing our laws online is a copyright violation

4) And lots more stories: Go to Google News or Dogpile or Google Blog Search and type in the words: Oregon copyright (sort by relevance and/or date, whichever moves you).

5) And this is one way to attribute ownership of copyright to the Oregon Legislative Counsel ORS.

My previous posts on this subject (copyright dispute, not Gerald McB), are here and here.

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2 responses to “Oregon Revised Statutes (ORS) Copyright Dispute: May 6th Update”

  1. Ok – what does Gerald McB have to do with the OR statutes? I admit to not having seen it, but am highly curious!

  2. Hi Bonnie:

    Not a thing, except possibly in my very non-linear brain.

    Gerald McB has been around for a lot longer than the Boing Boing web/blog and whenever I visit the BB blog, I have this sneaking suspicion (of the best kind) that the Boing Boing creators were great fans of Gerald McBoing Boing. (And it’s a good thing to be a fan of Gerald, who is the funniest little boy ever.)


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