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Oregon Small Claims Court and Local Court Rules


I haven’t blogged about Oregon Small Claims Court in a little while, and while not much has changed overall, here are a couple of updates:

1) It is very important to keep up with your Small Claims Court rules and procedures. Always read:

a) the Small Claims packet of information the Court gives you or that is on their website,

b) the Oregon Revised Statutes (ORS) chapters on Small Claims actions (use the Index to locate the relevant sections)


c) your County Circuit Court’s Supplemental Local Rules (SLRs), to find out if they address small claims court matters. County Circuit Court Supplemental Local Rules (SLRs) may be found at the court’s website, e.g. Multnomah County, or from the Oregon Judicial Department (OJD) website. (County Justice Courts may not have local rules, but check with the court to find out.)

2) Second, a curse upon the person who stole our Nolo Press book on Small Claims Court!

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