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Oregon State Law Library: Librarian Retirement and New Appointment

Joe Stephens, the State Law Librarian, is retiring at the end of June. Joe led the library and its staff through many improvements to the library’s services, collection and facility and we shall miss him! (Joe was also an invaluable legal research and law librarian profession resource, and sounding board, for me well before I even moved to Oregon.)
OJD announces “that, effective July 1, 2011, Cathryn Bowie, currently the State Law Library Electronic Services Librarian, has agreed to serve in the capacity of Acting Law Librarian for the State of Oregon Law Library (SOLL) to provide a consistent leadership transition to support the many users and services of the SOLL.
Cathryn has been with the SOLL since 2003, and designed and spearheaded the brief bank project-from infancy to the excellent research tool that it is today.  Cathryn’s expertise is vendor negotiations, and that is visible in the variety of electronic services that are available within and outside the OJD.  She has provided far reaching instruction for judges and OJD staff in using these electronic legal research resources. 
Prior to her arrival at SOLL, Cathryn accumulated 14 years of academic and law firm experience, including a position as Director of Libraries at a Texas law firm.   She was also Chief Financial Officer at the University of Houston Law Library.”
We are thrilled that we will have Cathryn leading the State Law Library into the future!
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