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Oregon Tax Court (don’t follow the yellow brick road)


It takes skill to navigate a website, especially one chock-full of information and one under (re)construction.

You might think that if you go to OJD Judicial Opinions and then select Tax Court Magistrate Division that you’ll get the Tax Court Magistrate Opinions. But you don’t! At least not really, not yet, and not all of them in a nifty database. For that you’ll have to go to a different OJD Tax Court database, where you will find Oregon Tax Court cases back to 1999/2000.

We all have migration to new website issues to contend with, just as we did when we had to contend with print resources that changed format from loose-leaf, to bound, to legal size, to letter size, etc. It keeps us on our toes.

Website migration isn’t for the fainthearted, especially if you are the one on the outside looking in. But we will all be a migrator or a migratee at some point in our lives, so be patient – dare I say empathetic.

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