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Oregon Condo Law and Lawyer Blogs


The list of Oregon law blogs is growing. Check out Justia’s Oregon Law Blogs list and my own sidebar list of Oregon law blogs. Neither is absolutely complete and non-Oregon bloggers also write about Oregon law.

I recently added to my sidebar list the NW HOA Law Center, which has an excellent blog where lawyers write detailed posts on condo and HOA legal issues.

One easy way to track blog posts on Oregon law is to go to the Justia Blawg Search, type in the word Oregon, and then click on Sort By Date (upper-right hand of screen).

For example, I found a link to this post using that search strategy: Oregon District Court Addresses the Meaning of “Condominium” in a CGL Policy, posted on August 20, 2009 by Diane Polscer:

Excerpt: “In Bridgetown Condominium Homeowner’s Assn. v. Granite State Ins. Co., 2009 U.S. Dist. LEXIS 51568, Judge Anna Brown of the Oregon U.S. District Court recently examined the meaning of the undefined term “condominium” within the meaning of a CGL policy. In Bridgetown, the plaintiff homeowner’s association had previously settled a state court action with a defendant developer for claims at a condominium project. The project consisted of fourteen single-family dwellings. The plaintiff entered into a stipulated judgment with the insured defendant in which the plaintiff agreed it would seek a portion of the stipulated judgment amount from the defendant’s insurer. The plaintiff then brought this garnishment action against the insurer….” (link to full post)

Do you want to read the case? You’ll need to ask at your local law library because it’s NOT ONLINE at any free, public website. Not from the official U.S. District Court for Oregon website or from Findlaw or from LexisOne or from any of the others. Notice the pattern? You can find U.S. Supreme Court and Court of Appeals cases, but not U.S. district court cases. Check out the Cornell Legal Information website, see how many District Courts post their opinions on their public websites, but not Oregon.

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  1. Surfergirl says:

    My 94 unit condominium project is going to replace all the incoming water lines due to a defect in the PEX connectors. Each unit has a separate water line from the street to their unit. Separate bill, separate meters, no multi-use water supply. We have units from 1 bedroom/ 1 bathroom/1 level to units with 3 bedrooms/3 bathrooms/3 levels. The cost for the work as “common property” has been divided by 94 equally. Is there any legal precedence to have the cost of these repairs more equitably divided?

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