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Oregon Voter Registration Deadline for November 2011 Election: October 18th


DEADLINE for registering in Oregon for the November 2011, is October 18th, 2011 (registration deadline is 21 days before an election).

But ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS verify registration and voting deadlines with your local election office.  Local elections are on their own schedules!  Visit your county elections office.
E.g. In Washington County, October 18th, 2011, is the registration deadline for the Nov. 8th election, but notice other election deadlines. (You can see other Washington County election deadlines by clicking on their Calendar of Events.) And, they even have a Voter Bill of Rights!
The best information on elections is going to be at your county elections office.
Statewide information is at the Oregon Secretary of State Elections Divisionbut it’s not the website where you find out when the next local election is or what the last date is to register. Use your county elections offices, for that.
Are you a nonprofit organization? Visit Nonprofit Vote for information on how your organization can get out the vote.
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