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Oregon Women in History: ‘We Can’t Do Much Worse Than the Men’ (The Atlantic)


Last May I blogged about this article:

One Woman, One Vote x 26 Equals the First Woman Mayor, All Woman City Council in 1916 Umatilla, Oregon

And just saw this on Yahoo News about 1920 Yoncalla, Oregon:

‘We Can’t Do Much Worse Than the Men,’ The Atlantic, October 9, 2016.

You can link directly to the Atlantic Monthly article: ‘We Can’t Do Much Worse Than the Men’:
“On November 2, 1920, the citizens of Yoncalla, Oregon, got a big surprise as the ballots were tallied in their local election. All the incumbent men on the city council had been voted out. Yoncalla, a small town of 323 residents about 40 miles south of Eugene, had voted in an entirely female city council….” [Link to the Atlantic Monthly article.]

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