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Oregonian Archives at the Multnomah County Library


Multnomah County Library now has Oregonian Archives:

PORTLAND, OR – Multnomah County Library now features the only publicly available, complete full-text digitized archive of The Oregonian newspaper. Multnomah County Library cardholders can now access every article, editorial, illustration, photograph and advertisement published in The Oregonian between 1861 and 1972. By the end of this year, the archive will include all editions up to 1987.

Multnomah County Library is the only source for free access to this archive and all associated features. Previously, total access to this vast resource for Oregon history was available only by paying a monthly subscription fee to NewsBank, the service provider….” Oregonian Archives.

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4 responses to “Oregonian Archives at the Multnomah County Library”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I'm looking for information regarding the baby selling scandal that was going on in 1930. The women involved was named Lena Reynolds Schaefer. She was commited to The Oregon State Hospital. My mother is one of the babies.

  2. Laura Orr says:

    I recommend you submit this question to the Oregon libraries digital reference service, called L-net. The website is:

    I bet there will be librarians on that service that can answer this question.


  3. Anonymous says:

    Can I access the Oregonian archives with a Clackamas county library card?

  4. No, but you can possibly get a Multnomah County Library card.

    Clackamas and Washington County residents can get a Multnomah County library card (and vice versa). Call Multnomah County Library at 503-988-5234 to find out what documentation you need to take to a Multnomah County Library to get that card.

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