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Oregonians Asked to Speak Out on the Federal Deficit


Participate in a discussion on the federal deficit:

1) USA Budget Discussion dot org

2) For a quick review of the difference between the national debt and the national deficit, visit this U.S. Treasury website.

3) Oregonian “In My Opinion” article, from the June 21, 2010, print edition: “Here’s your chance to change the future,” by Adam Davis and Steve Buckstein.

Excerpt: “Unless we do something about it, America will be facing a fiscal train wreck over the coming decades. Driven by rising health care costs, an aging population and a habit of spending more than we are willing to pay for, our national debt is projected to reach unprecedented levels in the coming years that cannot be sustained….

Portland is one of six cities hosting the largest of the forums, each of which will be linked together by satellite and the Internet for a truly national conversation. We want to ensure that our city is well represented in these conversations and our community’s interests are heard. Addressing the deficit will not be easy. Our nation has some hard choices to make. Everything needs to be on the table, and we need to begin discussions without preconceived solutions….”
(Link to full column.)

4) An interesting Planet Money story (listen to the whole podcast if you can) I heard over the weekend that is not unrelated to the conversation about the deficit: Why GDP Matters: Compare Jamaica To Barbados

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