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Oregon Solo Practitioners: Numbers Grow


Let’s hope a lot of them have found that a nearby county law library can help them keep costs under control with free legal research databases, conference rooms, research resources, legal research expertise, etc.

Lawyers go solo: Tough job market leads to rise in sole practitioners, small firms, Portland Business Journal, by Andy Giegerich, Friday, June 18, 2010:

Excerpt: “After graduating from Lewis & Clark Law School last year, Caryn Jones hung her own shingle.

She isn’t alone.

The recession has made legal jobs with law firms, private companies and government scarce. As a result, more laid-off lawyers and recent law school graduates are striking out on their own.

The Oregon State Bar’s sole practitioner and small law firm section has grown by nearly 20 percent this year, from 349 attorneys in 2009 to 414….” (Link to full story.)

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2 responses to “Oregon Solo Practitioners: Numbers Grow”

  1. Caryn Jones says:

    As a matter of fact, I have. I use the Multnomah County law library often.

    The librarians are also a great resource. I asked once for a book that the librarian was unable to find. The next time I came in, she'd found it and had it waiting for me.

  2. Laura Orr says:

    Thank you!

    I'll pass this along to the Multnomah Law Librarian. We don't mind saying we don't have something on hand as long as we can follow that up with “would you give me some time to find it for you?” For librarians, searching for something is more than half the fun!

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