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Peanuts and the Law


I have survived jury duty and live to blog another day. I will post about jury duty in a couple of days (after I survive my TV appearance!). In the meantime, on to Peanuts and the Law which I read about during my jury service (waiting, waiting, and more waiting – can’t they speed it up a bit? But more on that later.)

In the February 2007 (free but registration required) LTN (Law Technology News), Robert Ambrogi of the excellent Law Sites (aka Legal Line) blog tells more of the story of his experience with his son’s peanut allergy (his previous posting on the subject is here), in an article entitled, “Just One Bite.” Peanut allergies are serious indeed, as anyone who knows anyone with one would agree.

The one-page LTN story is chock-full of sources of information on peanut allergies, some you probably know about and others less well known, including the U.S. FDA Center for Food Safety & Applied Nutrition, AllergicChild, Food Allergy Project, and many more.

There are many other very readable attorney contributors to LTN (including Ernie the Attorney who will have to contend with about 1,500 law librarians in July when they arrive in New Orleans for their annual conference – hide Ernie, hide, quick, before it’s too late! – Ernie’s article this month in LTN is on VOIP in a solo law practice) and it is rare not to learn something new each month about something or someone in the law (it’s also sufficiently entertaining to get one through the Eternal Dullness of a Jury Waiting Room). You can request a free print copy or subscribe online.

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