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Researching Oregon Paternity Law


1) Establishing Paternity on a Birth Certificate

2) Oregon State Bar (OSB) info on paternity

3) OLR blog post on 2007 Paternity Laws

4) Oregon Revised Statutes (ORS) (use index)

(Important note about the ORS: Please be careful when you read the ORS in places other than at the official Legislature’s website. For example, you don’t know the date of this one or whether it includes statutes passed recently or even if it includes statutes from Special Sessions (e.g. 2008), which aren’t included in the ORS until after the next Legislative Session. For more information on Session Law vs. Codes, see this OLR Blog post.)

See also:

1) “A New Paternity Law for the Twenty-First Century: Of Biology, Social Function, Children’s Interests and Betrayal,” Leslie J. Harris, University of Oregon School of Law

2) Oregon County Law Libraries: Most counties in Oregon have a public law library. Not all have large collections, but about half of them have library staff who can show you how to research the law. Use this Oregon Council of County Law Libraries (OCCLL) Directory to find the Oregon county law library nearest you. (And, you don’t need to live in the county to phone a particular county law library – we try to help every Oregonian who phones, no matter what county s/he lives in.)

Note: Law library staff members cannot advise you on your legal research problem. They can direct you to research resources so YOU can research your question and prepare to talk to an attorney. ONLY a licensed member of Oregon State Bar may advise and represent you in Oregon courts. Please see the How to Find a Lawyer in Oregon guide (from the Washington County Law Library webpage) for further information.

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