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Runaway TB Victim is a PI Lawyer?


Is this a true story stranger than fiction or a clever hoax or urban legend??

The Doc is in blog reports that the drug-resistant TB victim (who ignored doctor’s orders and swept past border and airport security) is a personal injury lawyer. And, as all cute 7-year olds would then say, “it gets better!” The father-in-law is a microbiologist with the CDC. Another news story here, from the LA Times.

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2 responses to “Runaway TB Victim is a PI Lawyer?”

  1. Anonymous says:

    The coincidence that the healthy young lawyer has this fancy disease and his new father-in-law is a TB researcher is really too much to swallow.

    This looks like a hoax designed to get CDC a nice budget bump. Those folks will be laughing all the way to the bank.

    And I bet the CNN/FNC/MsNBC anchors will soon be chuckling, too. “Hey, Don, we got caught on that one!” “Yes, Judy, April Fools Day came a little late this year!”

  2. Anonymous says:

    Katie Couric said Friday that the father-in-law-to-be had “processed” some of the samples, leading to the drug-resistant TB diagnosis.

    Is it possible that these results were phony, in an attempt to derail the wedding?

    Will the lawyer have part of his healthy lungs cut out, as a result of his father-in-law’s foolish gesture?

    This story is getting really sad.

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