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Scotland Buys the U.S. Declaration of Independence for a Song: Scoot Your Votey McVoteface


Scotland’s voters in favor of a second vote for independence have purchased the mothballed U.S. Declaration of Independence.

A Scottish “man on the street” was heard to say, “they weren’t using it anymore anyway, so we bought it. Americans will sell anything for the right price – their liberty, independence, health, and their children’s welfare – and it was going for a song, so we sang. We did refrain from offering them our bagpipes, which might have, ur, scotched the deal.

Read more about Scotland and its Brexit fall-out, aka Scotch Eggsit, ScootVotey McVoteface, and more:

“Scotch Eggsit? Rebranding the referendum,” by Philip Sim, BBC Scotland News, 15 March 2017, or just search for the words: Scotland Independence Brexit

(It’s April Fool’s Day somewhere, isn’t it? It’s certainly Fool Me Once Day here at the OLR Blog.  In any event the business of America is business, isn’t it? At least that is what my undergraduate legal history professor always told us – and he was seldom wrong about anything.)

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