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Is the Trump/Kushner “White House Office of American Innovation” the 21st Century’s Bush/Quayle “White House Council on Competitiveness?”


Remember the 1989-1992 George HW Bush and Dan Quayle “White House Council on Competitiveness”?

It does not have a website (or even a Wikipedia page – do not confuse other competitiveness councils with the GHW Bush, D Quayle White House Council on Competitiveness, which was dissolved in 1993. (White House webpages, and all others, were in short supply back then, in fact virtually non-existent.)

It also should not be confused with the former White House Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs inside the Office of Management and Budget.

Maybe these will trigger some memories:

New York Times 1991 article: “At Heart of Debate on Quayle Council: Who Controls Federal Regulations,” by Philip J. Hilts, December 16, 1991

Washington Post 1992 article: “QUAYLE’S QUEST: CURB RULES, LEAVE ‘NO FINGERPRINTS'”, by Bob Woodward and David S. Broder January 9, 1992.

Compare with this (and other) 2017 articles on the “White House Office of American Innovation“:

Washington Post 2017 article: “Trump taps Kushner to lead a SWAT team to fix government with business ideas,” by Ashley Parker and Philip Rucker March 26, 2017.

(Note: Search using the article and author names if the above links rot.)

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