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Secure Your Websites, People! Bare Minimum: SSL Certificate


Half of the coronavirus and related service websites I’ve been visiting lately are insecure. Mega Yikes!!

A website lacking an SSL certificate, the bare minimum of website security, is a sign that there is more insecurity present – and a clear sign of danger ahead.

If you visit an insecure website, do not enter any private or personal information on the site. In fact, don’t enter anything “into” the site.

Read about HTTPS and Certificate Authority or just search: ssl certificate. You don’t need to understand these terms in all their geeky obscurity, but if your website doesn’t have a lock on it, i.e. HTTPS, woe is you – and your site visitors.

So, talk to your website administrator, even if it’s yourself, and get that HTTPS security. (And if your current website administrator or designer didn’t include HTTPS on their checklist, I recommend finding another website administrator.)

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