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Service Animals and the Law: Update


From the Washington County (Oregon) Law Librarian:

I posted recently about Service Dogs (and other animals) and in a recent Saturday’s Oregonian (11/8/08) there was a letter to the editor with a link to another resource on Service Animals:

1) U.S. Department of Justice: type in service animal (singular) or service animals (plural) for different results. See e.g. their COMMONLY ASKED QUESTIONS ABOUT
SERVICE ANIMALS IN PLACES OF BUSINESS, updated as of January 2007.

2) Even better, if you go to the dogpile search engine and type in service animals law, you’ll link to a 2008 version of that same document. Woof!

3) And, there’s more! If you use Google’s advanced search feature and include a date (I limited my search to the current year, 2008), you’ll get this (from the service dog blog) and more, including a link to the dog-who-got-a-law-degree story.

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