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Copyrighting Legal Documents


The flux is at it again. You know, when some relatively rare topic arises in conversation and then it comes up again and again. (I blogged about the flux a long while ago, here, but I was in a chatty mood so it’s a longer post than you might be up for.)

Anyway, the topic of copywriting legal documents came up a couple of weeks ago, and then it came up again and then again. Today I ran across this article, while looking at a webpage on searching public records, that I linked to from the Law Librarian Blog:

1) Due Diligence in Drafting: Copyrights in Legal Documents, by Thomas J. Stueber. (This article can be found in other online and print publications.)

2) There is also this one: “The Highest Form of Flattery? Application of the Fair Use Defense against Copyright Claims for Unauthorized Appropriation of Litigation Documents,” by Davida H. Isaacs, Northern Kentucky University – Salmon P. Chase College of Law, Missouri Law Review, Vol. 71, p. 391, 2006.

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