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“Understanding Attorney Fees” Booklet from HALT


From the Washington County (Oregon) Law Librarian:

HALT has a new (free and downloadable) booklet on Understanding Attorney Fees: So You Can Keep Legal Costs Down. You can also link to it from the HALT homepage and from their Legal Information Clearinghouse webpage.

Read about HALT here. They have many useful legal self-help publications free or for low-cost.

This booklet from HALT is a handy non-attorney’s companion to the Handbook on Limited Scope Legal Assistance that came out a few years ago.

A lot of people we serve in Oregon county law libraries need attorneys, but don’t know all their “modest means” options. Books from HALT, Nolo Press, and other legal self-help publishers, services from local and state bar associations, and referrals from law libraries and legal aid offices can sometimes fill in that gap, with print and online information on how to find attorneys, how to work with them, and how to control costs when you do hire one.

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