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Small Claims Court in Oregon: What Do You Want to Know?


Do you have any questions about filing a case in Small Claims Court in Oregon?

I’m helping (in a networking, researching, law librarian sort of way) an Oregon attorney write a book about Small Claims Court in Oregon, i.e. how to file, how to prepare, how to serve, etc.

One of my most important jobs is to give the lawyer/author the Public Librarian perspective.

For example, what are the questions asked by our library patrons who want to file in Small Claims Court?

Some of these are frequently asked questions, such as, how do I serve the defendant? (and frequently answered on many, but not all, Oregon circuit court Small Claims webpages), but other questions are more unusual, e.g.:

* How can I sue the estate of someone who is deceased?

* Can I ask for punitive damages?

* Can a Small Claims Court judgment be vacated?

* Why can’t I appeal a Small Claims Court case?

In the meantime, and until there is a book, and even after, if you have questions about Small Claims Court (and I’ve blogged about it here , start with these resources:

1) Your county’s Justice Court (if it has one, e.g. Washington and Lane counties do)

2) The webpage for your county’s Circuit Court Small Claims Court (directory here, at OJD)

3) Oregon State Bar (OSB) public pages on Small Claims Court (both print and a very useful web video, Legal Links!)

4) The Oregon Revised Statutes (ORS): Use the index!

5) Your county law library (visit the OCCLL web directory)

6) Your public library, which might have the Nolo Press and HALT books on Small Claims Courts. These are NOT Oregon-specific, but are very helpful nonetheless.

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