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Solitary Confinement Report (from LLRX)


Research guide on Solitary Confinement, by Ken Strutin, August 10, 2010:

Excerpt from introduction: “Solitary confinement is the most extreme penalty in the hierarchy of incarcerative punishment. 1 Depending on the institution, length of detention and purpose, this “prison within prison” 2 has been described in many ways: administrative segregation, communications management unit, 3 control unit, disciplinary housing unit, the hole, intensive management unit, lockdown, punitive isolation, segregation, SHU (special housing unit, special handling unit, segregated housing unit, security housing unit), and Supermax (Super-Maximum Security Confinement). 4 And these “inner prisons,” 5 have come under constitutional scrutiny by the way of the Eighth Amendment’s prohibition against cruel and unusual punishment, 6 and procedural due process challenges to prison conditions and special status, e.g., death row or gang affiliation. 7

The selected materials collected here represent current research and thinking about the physical, psychological and legal implications of isolation as punishment, and the policy issues behind continuing this practice in the light of national and international standards and human rights declarations. Additional bibliographic resources are noted throughout….” (Link to full guide.)

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