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Sports Law: Follow Your Bliss (and especially those NCAA rules)


Sports Law is a specialized field of law and like other specialized fields of law, require knowledge of a wide range of subjects related to the topic: e.g. criminal law, civil rights, contracts, juvenile law, tax law, insurance, personal injury, local government law, and the rules and laws of the sports world you occupy, e.g. NCAA (and see under NCAA Resources for more about their rules and laws).

Whether you coach a local team or are a law student aiming for a law practice in the professional sports world, it’s never too late to talk to a lawyer who can give you a primer on Sports Law.

Sample Sports Law Research Guides (you can also search those words for more guides):

Georgia State University, College of Law, Sports Law Guide

Georgetown Law School:
Law Library Sports Law Research Guide
Olympics and International Sports Law Research Guide

University of Denver, Sturm College of Law:
Sports Law Research Guide
Antitrust and Labor Issues in Sports

Or, you can look in the latest “Legal Information Buyer’s Guide & Reference Manual” (by Ken Svengalis), under the heading “Arts, Entertainment, and Sports Law.

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