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Where are Superseded (Archived) Oregon Revised Statutes?


Superseded ORSs, formerly on the Oregon Legislature’s old website, along with audio recordings, minutes, and exhibits, are missing in action only temporarily while the Legislature’s website upgrade is in progress.

We have been reassured by Legislative Counsel that the superseded ORSs will be on the new website shortly. (New websites take time, lots of time to pull themselves together, even after launch.)

In the meantime:

1) Use to link to the old Oregon Legislature’s website.

2) The Washington County Law Library has scanned the full set of 1953-1993 ORSs and can respond quickly to most reference requests.

3) Quite a few county law libraries around the state have the superseded ORS sets so ask at your local county law library – or at any county law library – we serve every Oregonian. The State Law Library also has superseded ORS so call their reference desk (503-986-5640) or email them:

4) The Multnomah Law Library (503-988-3394) has the most complete (and beautiful) set of superseded ORSs and most of us rely on them when our own sets are missing pages.

But don’t forget to keep exploring the new Oregon Legislative website. It has incredible promise and oodles of useful legislative documents already – and is a growing organism (not unlike all libraries).

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