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Superseded Oregon Revised Statutes: A Legislative, OJD, and County Law Library Collaboration

Oregon legal researchers and attorneys rejoice! The Washington County Law Library staff are scanning the 1953-1993 ORS from statute books donated by the Oregon Supreme Court, Oregon Legislative Counsel will host the data on their website, and we just heard the excellent news that they will also make available on their website all the other superseded ORSs, 1995-2007 (and soon to be superseded 2009).
Link to our “gutbuster” project blog posts for information about our county law library digital scanning project.
Link to our Not Online list of Oregon legal research resources (look under “N” for Not), from which I’ll soon have to remove the superseded ORSs – yay!
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4 responses to “Superseded Oregon Revised Statutes: A Legislative, OJD, and County Law Library Collaboration”

  1. Steven A. Todd says:

    Great news, worthwhile project. Does the scanning require special expertise ? Might be an excellent community service project….

  2. Laura says:

    Hi Steve:

    Scanning a simple document with a home or business scanner is relatively easy.

    Digitizing multiple files, books, official documents, and other large projects and creating a stable, searchable database, takes well-trained, experienced workers. Digital asset management is a profession and one needs systems and information management skills.

    And, the actual scanning at that level takes another set of specific skills. If you've ever witnessed a professional scanner in action or in conversation, you'd see the difference.

    When we did our briefs scanning project, we used community service workers to prepare the paper briefs (e.g. remove staples and sort), but we used professionals to scan, index, and host the final product.


  3. donald r. slayton says:

    When did Oregon abolish the Bulk Sales Transfer Act, Article 6 of UCC?

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