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For those who might be wondering – as I still am:

1) You can find Resolution A at the Multnomah County website simply by entering Resolution A into the seach box.

2) You can also search Portland Online.  It’s not easy to find Resolution A, but you can find references to it. Let us know if you can find a direct link.  We should be able to presume that the Multnomah County Resolution A is the same as a City of Portland one, and everyone does refer to it as an “agreement between Portland and Multnomah County,” but … I can’t find a version with signatures from both entities.  It’s possible there was sign-off at a 1983 meeting or that things were done differently back then or simply that I don’t know enough about these inter-governmental agreements (IGAs), which is most likely.  On a regular workday, I’d just phone the city auditor’s office to ask.  We all have much to learn about how laws are made!

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