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The 12/29/17 episode of On the Media was magnificent. It’s almost always a fabulous radio program / podcast, but they outdid themselves with this year-end episode titled: The Feelings Show. You will listen, brighten, roll your eyes, breathe, laugh, wonder, frown, groan, and then head off for that proverbial beer. (It’s a meme, apparently, that beer with friends thing, or maybe a trope? Who knows? I’m not complaining; it’s also a kind of hyyge.)

So, tune in, not out, and be prepared to want to play the episode again, and even again. It’s that good – and good for you. From Rebecca Solnit, to the worst meditator ever (but the nicest and funniest), to one of our two beloved Radio Lab hosts, Jad Abumrad – and our equally beloved On the Media hosts. [Link to The Feelings Show episode.]  Groovy, man.

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