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State laws that govern Oregon political parties. (Federal law also governs political party campaign finance and related activities, but that is a subject for bloggers and scholars more educated and intrepid than I.)

1) Oregon Constitution (Oregon Blue Book)

Important note: You can also link to the Oregon Constitution from the Legislature’s website, but please make sure you are looking at the most recent version. Remember that the official, full version of the Oregon Revised Statutes (ORS), including any Oregon Constitutional amendments, is updated only at the end of the long-session year. For example, the 2017 Oregon legislative session ended in July 2017, but the 2017 ORS will not be published online or in print until early 2018. It will include all legislation in force through 2017, from regular and special sessions and any Constitutional or citizen measures approved by voters. (You can still read the laws that were passed in “Oregon Laws,” which is where the session laws are published. Where you find those online probably deserves its own blog post.)

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