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I haven’t laughed this hard for a while – and I can’t say this Harvard Business Review blogger doesn’t offer *some* great advice. But I’m not so sure anyone below C or D level (C=Chutzpah, D=Dilbert) could carry off the “chat application” requirement without subordinates having a field day about it during happy hour:

From “Stop People From Wasting Your Time”:

Excerpt: “…. Force others to prepare. We all hope and expect that others will prepare for meetings with us. Surprisingly often, they don’t. Even when they’re requesting the meeting, they may have done very little research and waste our time with extremely basic questions they could have Googled. Instead, we need to force others to prepare in advance. “Force” is a harsh word, and that’s intentional ­— because it’s not burdensome for people who would have prepared anyway, yet it effectively weeds out the uncommitted. Debbie Horovitch, a specialist in Google+ Hangouts, has long offered complimentary initial strategy sessions, but realized that some people were taking advantage with irrelevant discussions.

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