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Treating Court Reporters Right


Court reporters have to be some of the nicest and most patient people you’ll ever find in a courtroom. They also perform magic when transcribing their recordings. Heaven knows lawyers, judges, and witnesses mumble, garble, and otherwise mangle our fair tongue.

Evan Schaeffer’s Trial Practice blog (as opposed to his Legal Underground one), has a post, Treating Court Reporters Right:

“An article titled “What court reporters want” from the Illinois Bar Journal contains these tips from reporter Andrea Trippi Else—“ (Read post and link from here.)

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3 responses to “Treating Court Reporters Right”

  1. Anonymous says:

    As a court reporter, I genuinely enjoy the company of all attorneys and judges, whether they’re arguing or not, and, yes, even the few cantankerous ones. Attorneys are very intelligent and interesting people. All the other reporters I have spoken to about this subject also feel the same way.

    Many times you find yourself in lonely adversarial positions, but you can always count on one friendly face in the crowd, always.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I think the reporters I have met in deposition settings or in courtrooms have always been very professional, courteous, and darn right accurate in what they provide litigants. I cannot imagine why anyone would not use a court reporter and insist on a tape recorder. They help keep things organized, they are an integral part of the process of law. The legal system needs them now more than ever. I have to say though someone brought cookies to a deposition at my office and I was a bit offended about how that made me think of the professional I was expecting.

  3. Anonymous says:

    maybe they were on their second job and didn’t get lunch like they always do to us or had low blood ugar, be a human being for Christ’s sake, ever think of that?
    You have a lot of nerve, unprofessional for bringing cookies, attorneys don’t like to eat lunch, I don’t think you’re human period. All of you!!!!! Sick of your abuse, NYC COURT REPORTER, AND ONE OF THE BEST IN THE COUNTRY!!!

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