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Update on the Oregon Ballot Measure Archive Project, 1959-2007


The Ballot Measure Archive Project (BMAP) is invaluable for anyone researching Oregon legal history. You can find the digital archives at:

Portland State University (PSU), Special Collections & University Archives. (Currently, find the direct link under “More Collections.“)

Brief Description:

“The Ballot Measure Archive Project (BMAP) was a five-year project led by Josh Binus and included over 120 researchers, mostly Portland State University undergraduates. Josh Binus, a public historian and Portland State University history instructor, began the project in 2004 to document and preserve surviving evidence from Oregon’s history of direct democracy. The State of Oregon has earliest established initiative and referendum system in the United States and that has been one of the most active users of the system during that time. The project goal was to collect the materials not being accessioned by the Oregon State Archives, because a substantial number of players in the initiative system work outside of the state government. Author: Pete Asch

Visit the PSU Special Collection site for more information and access to the files.

Thank you Josh and PSU!

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