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Verdict $5.2 million: Law Professor vs Legal Publisher (with a side of free legal research and Fastcase)


For my regular readers who might want a break from the holiday madness and might (ho ho ho) be wondering about that $5.2m verdict win in the lawsuit filed by 2 law professors against “West publishing” (now a family member of theThomson Reuters corporation) here are a some links:

1) Jonathan Turley blog post

The funniest Comment: “Regardless of such appeals, these two professors should be given credit for finally finding a way to become millionaires from a state law treatise. That alone will make them living Gods among legal academics.”

2) The law librarian view of events will come as no surprise: 3 Geeks and the Law Librarian Blog

3) On a more cheerful note, though I suspect those 2 professors are having a very good holiday weekend, here is some Free, Legal Research database news that will please – from Bob Ambrogi’s Law Sites, “Public Domain Group to Begin Weekly Release of all Federal and State Appellate Cases

4) The more interesting side of this “free” view of the online legal research world is this 12/19/10 Law Sites post, where the conversation begins…:

Ever wonder why someone who is in the business of selling court opinions would want to support a project that is devoted to giving them away for free? I have the answer to that question from Ed Walters, CEO of Fastcase….” (Link to full post.)

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