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Wanted in Oregon: One donated Android phone for a good cause


When one of our favorite law students (who contributes so much blood, sweat, and tears to the Oregon law librarian and legal research world, with smarts, good humor, and style) on his blog asks a favor from the world, the Oregon Legal Research blogger likes to do her bit to pass along the request:

Wanted: One donated Android phone for a good cause

Robb Shector has been a Partner in Oregon Legal Research with many of us since he was a first year law student (now he is a 3rd year) and before someone snaps him up and makes him a Lawyer, we want to do everything possible to make him want to stay in, or eventually return to if he leaves, the great State of Oregon.

Some of Robb’s World, outside of law school (as if!):
Oregon Laws dot org
Weblaws dot org

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