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Washington County (Oregon) Circuit Court: Family Law Self-Help Resources


Note: Website addresses change (such is life):

1) The current Oregon Judicial Department website portal may change.

2) The OJD Family Law website may also change from this to something else. If these links don’t work, use a search engine and search for:

a) Oregon judicial department or
b) Washington county oregon circuit court family law


I. Washington County Circuit Court Family Law Department has a Family Law Facilitator:

A.) This is a walk-in only office.

B.) The hours on the website may not be correct. Please telephone for hours: 503-846-2898

C.) If the Family Law Facilitator’s office is closed, please visit the Washington County Law Library for assistance and research materials you can review before returning to the Family Law Facilitator’s office when it reopens.

D.) Budget cuts have reduced the hours the Family Law Facilitator can remain open. Please be patient. It is a busy office.

II. Oregon Family Law Forms:
A.) Oregon self-help family law legal forms are also available from the Oregon Judicial Department Family Law website.

B.) Additional information is available at the Legal Aid Services of Oregon website.

C.) Please do not use forms from other sources (other than your attorney) if there is an OJD-authorized family law form.

D. ) Books about family law may be very helpful, but please don’t use their forms unless you know for sure the court will accept them.

E.) Books and non-OJD online forms may not up to date. OJD keeps their family law forms up to date and the Family Law Facilitators informed on new developments in family law.

Researching Oregon Family Law:
A.) Additional information is available at the Legal Aid Services of Oregon website.

B.) If no OJD form exists for what you need to do, you will need to research the subject at a law library. You cannot do thorough research on an Oregon family law matter without researching statutory and case law.

C.) Please read the Oregon Legal Research blogposts on DIY Lawyering and DIY Legal Research and on Legal Forms: The Pyramid.

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