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West (Thomson-Reuters) Shipping Empty Boxes


As much as this sounds like something from The Onion, it’s not! Of course the fact that it is a true story makes it all the funnier.

Apparently, perhaps in an attempt to reduce shipping costs or lower the injury rate among mail and stockroom employees and mail carriers, Thomson-Reuters is shipping empty boxes to their customers.

Is it a deep plot, maybe to encourage law librarians to pack up, move away, and stop crabbing about big publishers and their antics?

Their response is that they have “examined our processes” and believe “inadequate carton glue” is largely to blame. Of course book feeders (electronic, not human) play a role, not to mention the USPS (though I’m not sure how they are to blame for sealed, empty boxes being given to them).

There IS Joy in the Morning!

(Thanks to my fellow law librarians and our excellent listserves and blogs for the Empty Box Saga.)

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