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Whatever Happened to the Oregon Ballot Measures Archives Project (BMAP)?

The last I heard (in 2009) Joshua Binus was trying to save Oregon Ballot Measure files from being tossed into the recycle bin by the Secretary of State’s office (which was complying with state records retention laws).
With the help of other librarians, I tracked Joshua down and the good news is he will be getting back to the BMAP in the near future – hurray!  He says records are at PSU and with any luck, he’ll find a permanent home for the project and its own advocates so he doesn’t have to be a one-man-BMAP-band.
1) You can see my previous blog post on the project:
2) There was also an excellent presentation by the BMAP founder, Joshua Binus, at the Oregon Library Association annual meeting: NW Central (Oregon librarians) 2009 program on the BMAP.
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