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Where’s Victor Borge When You Need Him?


As reported in the Oregonian’s In Portland 11/15/07 insert, in the Keeping It Weird column (which is eluding me online but read on for details), headline: “Did you hear what the semi-colon said, ” you will find an announcement of a fund-raising for Portland’s (Oregon) Independent Publishing Resource Center.

Guests are encouraged to come ‘dressed as text.’” Dressing up as punctuation seems popular, but other bookish, typesetting, or literary costumes will be seen, if not heard. (Aren’t most people blissfully quiet while they read?)

What: Elements of Style fundraiser
When: Saturday, November 17th, 8 p.m.
Where: Portland Art Center, 32 NW Fifth Ave. (details)
How much: $5-15
Music: Pete Krebs Trio
Contact: 503-236-3322

Now what is so weird about this event – sounds like fun to me. (And you Victor Borge fans know what I’m talking about when it comes to punctuation 🙂 Though the jokes must be soooo easy, especially for those not good at costumes:

But I am dressed up. You just can’t tell because I misplaced my modifier. (See also Oregon v. Rutley, 11/8/07, S53096.)

What, who needs a costume? I just, like, say, like, whatever, all, like, all night?

Uptalk? I talk only uptalk? I’m not talking uptalk? Go, like, away, and get me a glass of whine?

What? I am in costume! I’m having my Period. Ha ha. Get it? No? Well, never mind (drifts off …).

Did you hear the one about Norman Mailer and the Unabomber? One was going to sit right down and write the other a letter.

I know, they aren’t great, but what do you want in 5 minutes? Charles Dickens?

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