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New regs: Unpaid Leave for Oregon Domestic Abuse Victims


An article in the Oregonian on Wednesday (11/14/07), by Anne Saker, Workplace law eases plight of abused,” reports on rules just “issued” pursuant to a law passed in the 2007 legislative session. This law allows employees to take unpaid leave if they or their children have been victims of domestic abuse.

The article has a lot of information, but nowhere does it cite to the specific bill, the law, the codification of the law, or to the rule numbers (or exactly what is meant by “issued.”) So here you go:

* Senate Bill 946 (effective 5/25/07) (HTML and in PDF)

* 2007 Oregon Laws Chapter 180 (not yet in print – see above SB text for enrolled version)

* To be codified at ORS 659A.885 (not yet online or in print – expected in December or January from Office of Legislative Counsel)

** OAR (not yet online or published – will be available here. A print copy of the rules has been mailed to me. They will not be effective until January 2008)

(I still don’t understand why there were no citations in the article, but the article did serve as an excellent teaching tool for a paralegal class I taught last night. They will use it to test their own research skills. And they enjoyed my ranting about reporters who don’t make it easy for their readers. And I’ve blogged about this before 🙂

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