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Which Creative Commons License Do You Need?


Creative Commons has a new license chooser that walks you through the process of selecting the right Creative Commons license.

While Creative Commons licenses aren’t just for students and teachers, this article from the School Library Journal highlights a copyright “teachable moment” opportunity for you and your children.

Excerpt: New Creative Commons license chooser (Posted by joycevalenza on August 5th, 2012)

“If your kiddos are creating and publishing digital content at the rate mine are, you likely want to lead them to select a CC license to apply to those digital stories and posters and music videos and works of art.

Just as it’s important to teach about the value of using Creative Commons materials, we need to teach them to see themselves as serious players in the world of user-generated content.

And we need to teach them how to let others know how, as artists, they want or do not want their own work to be remixed or reused by others….” [Link to full article.]

Link directly to the Creative Commons website.

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