Who Makes Model Laws?

Thinking beyond the Uniform Law Commission, the American Law Institute, and the American Bar Association:  Who Makes Model Laws?

You’ve heard of the Uniform Commercial Code and the Model Penal Code, but how much do you know about model laws? You could learn more by reading this short article: Mary Whisner, There Oughta Be a Law—a Model Law, 106 Law Libr. J. 125 (2014)….”  [Link to blog post.]

Building a Better (or at least a free) Citator through Crowdsourcing

“.... The newly launched WeCite Project, co-sponsored by the Stanford Center for Legal Informatics and the free legal research platform Casetext, aims to bring the win-win power of crowdsourcing to the task….” [Link to the full Legal Research Plus blog post.]

What might Frank Shepard (the Shepard of Shepardizing) think?

PI Buzz: SSDI, Online Photo Matching, Finding Military Personnel, and More

I missed PI Buzz while it was on hiatus and am glad to see Tamara is back in the blogging saddle, but maybe not on a punishing schedule that keeps her from blogging. Her posts are useful and educational and even if she posted just once a month many of us would be grateful.

PI Buzz

Medical Marijuana Dispensaries in Oregon Communities: 2014 SB 1531

The Oregon Legislature’s 2014 SB 1531 is the bill of the hour (and the day and maybe the Session) and the Oregonian has been tracking the story, along with other news sources around the state. Many Oregon cities and communities are debating the issue and some have already passed laws.

The Oregonian has (among other medical marijuana articles) this useful 2/14/14 compilation of local laws: Medical marijuana: Oregon cities that have banned dispensaries

The Municipal Research and Services Center of Washington (state) has their own compilation of medical marijuana laws.

And Americans for Safe Access has other information and compilations of laws from all states.

Law Library of Congress Report on Bitcoin in 40 Countries

“Our New Report Looks at Bitcoin in 40 Countries,” February 4, 2014 by Kelly Buchanan

The foreign law specialists and analysts at the Law Library of Congress recently completed a report that highlights the emerging global discussion around approaches to regulating virtual currencies, particularly Bitcoin. [Link to LOC blog post and report.]

Legal Research Databases in Oregon County Law Libraries

We’ve updated our guide to legal research, and other, databases in Oregon county law libraries:


(or from this Washington County Law Library webpage – under “O” for OCCLL).

Most databases are free, on-site use only  (vs. remote access), but county law library and State of Oregon Law Library employees share information and research tips with each other via their listserves and telephone.

You can contact ANY county law library in Oregon (or the State of Oregon Law Library) and ask for referrals and legal research assistance:


Oregon county law librarians also work closely with their local public libraries, which have lots of useful databases, including ones with legal information.