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A Great Way to “Do Something” for Victims of Disasters: First Aid Classes!


If you’ve been following the news, you will have heard that people with first aid and other types of lay or professional medical training can be lifesavers during, and after, disasters.

So, if you want to “do something” after a disaster, take a Red Cross First Aid Class!

Take along friends, your  book group, your family, your softball league, etc., and plan a celebration in honor of your new life-saving skills.

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One response to “A Great Way to “Do Something” for Victims of Disasters: First Aid Classes!”

  1. Julia Sathler says:

    This is great Laura. Having experienced a disaster myself (Katrina), I totally agree. There is nothing that reduces your sense of powerlessness bettern “doing something” to increase your skills and readiness.

    Your post was timely! I’d like to add an FYI for Beaverton-area residents: the city is currently developing a coordinated Map Your Neighborhood effort through its CERT program. We will probably be offering this to any neighborhood within a few months. I highly recommend this as a way to increase the preparedness for you and a cluster of neighbors (up to 30 houses).

    Here is an overview of Map Your Neighborhood:

    By the way, Map Your Neighborhood is available in many areas and even other states, so if you don’t live in Beaverton you can still do it. If interested, leave a comment below. The system should notify me that you commented and I will contact you to help you get roped in. ~Julia

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