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How to Find Oregon PECBR Cases


What is the PECBR? It stands for the “Public Employer Collective Bargaining Reporter.”

We usually get the question in the form of, “what is 21 PECBR 673 and where do I find it?”

1) These citations refer to Oregon Employment Relations Board (ERB) orders. They may also be called opinions or decisions or rulings. They come from the Employment Relations Board.

2) Most small or even medium-size Oregon law libraries do not have these PECBR orders in full-text format and often just call the ERB in Salem at 503-378-3807 and ask for a copy. But some libraries do have them so phone your local law library to find out.

3) Orders before 2004 are not online. Copies of ERB Board Orders are published in books entitled “Public Employer Collective Bargaining Reporter” or simply PECBR.

4) Board Orders from 2004 to the present are available online, at the ERB website.

5) The ERB has a library in Salem, which has copies of this reporter available. It is open to the public and contains all decisions of the Board, the Oregon Court of Appeals, the Oregon Supreme Court, as well as Oregon Revised Statutes, Labor Arbitration Reports (to 1996), Labor Relations Reference Manual (to 1996), and other labor law research materials.

6) NW Arbitration publishes a digest/summary of ERB and court decisions (PECBA Digest). To purchase the PECBA Digest, please contact Northwest Arbitration, Ltd., PO Box 80847 Portland OR 97280. Telephone: 503-957-2255.

7) Full text PECBR Reports are published by a Washington State publisher (Samir): Telephone: 360-256-8679.

For more information about the Oregon ERB, call them in Salem at 503-378-3807.

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