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Name that Race Horse: Friday Fun for Lawyers and Law Librarians


What would you name a race horse, assuming the name would have to be a law-related, lawyer, or law librarian, or librarian name?

I learned recently that I have a relative who has to name race horses – lots of horses. I used to think it would fun to name a horse, but it’s not that much fun at all if you have to come up with a dozen or more names every time the stable gives birth, so to speak. (There are quite a few collective nouns for horses.)

There are horse naming rules (and more rules) but there are also fun horse-naming tips. Use your favorite search engine and try these searches: rules horse names or naming horses

Or, you can open up any Law Dictionary, Legal Encyclopedia, or Procedure treatise and find your favorite ….

So, what would you name your horse? I’ll pass along your suggestions – and maybe pick you a winner!

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