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Oregon Drivers Licenses: Appealing a Suspension, Revocation, or Cancellation?


One possible answer to a frequently asked question in public law libraries: “Can I appeal my license suspension?

(Hurrah for the web. It was a lot harder in the “old days” to find this info. (But keep in mind, that it costs a whole lot more to maintain useful government websites than it took to answer telephones and print a directory or phonebook listing.))
Oregon DMV Administrative Review

Many people who receive a notice of suspension, revocation or cancellation from DMV are entitled to an Administrative Review. The notice you received from DMV will indicate if you are entitled to one (see below to learn how to request an Administrative Review).

If you are entitled to an Administrative Review, it is because DMV received a court document, conviction(s) or notice from another state or authority that by law requires DMV to suspend, revoke or cancel your driving privileges or identification card. DMV did not make a determination that led to your sanction….” (Link to DMV Administrative Review website.)

And, don’t forget about DMV Hardship & Probationary Permits.

(You may also want to look at previous Oregon traffic law blog posts or consult an attorney who specializes in traffic law. They know all sorts of things we mere mortals will never know.)

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One response to “Oregon Drivers Licenses: Appealing a Suspension, Revocation, or Cancellation?”

  1. olga says:

    My husband has a suspended license for years, and has not been employed for about 5 or so years, how can he reinstate his license? Arent there any programs, can he apply for an appeal or get any assistance for paying it off, its now at 2200 or 2300? any help.

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