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Oregon Gutter-Cleaning Scam: Scoundrels, Swindlers, and Other People to Avoid


If you or your neighbors run into Gutter-Cleaning Man, please call the WC Sheriff to find out if he is still a Wanted Person.

Police seek man accused of several elder abuse cases,” Monday, June 28, 2010, by Nick Christensen, The Hillsboro Argus:

Excerpt: “… Police say an elderly man, who lives on the 1800 block of Elm Street, was visited by a man identifying himself as “Mike” and offering to clean the moss off his roof.

The victim agreed, and the suspect began to tear down the gutters of the home. The suspect then demanded more than $5,000 to complete the work on the home, police said.

“Mike” then drove the victim to the local bank, where the victim withdrew $5,000 and gave it to the suspect. “Mike” then vanished.

The incident was not reported to Forest Grove police until last month. Police then found a similar case where a suspect, who goes by the name of Michael Chermack, was arrested a year ago by Tigard police for a similar offense….

Police think he may have been doing this for up to 20 years, and using aliases including Marco Mitchell, Dino Chermack, Michael Mitchell, Marc Martinelli, Mike Reed and Dino Ristick.

Forest Grove police are asking that other victims of Chermack come forward and call 503-992-3260 to report the fraud. ” (Link to full story)

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  1. That is simply horrible. It is people like these who give the industry and honest people a bad name!

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