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Oregon Legal Assistance Resource Guides


Oregon legal ASSISTANCE resource guides are different from legal RESEARCH resource guides.

Legal ASSISTANCE resource guides, are guides and directories to government and nonprofit organizations that connect you to lawyers who can provide legal advice from licensed Oregon attorneys.

Legal RESEARCH resource guides, are directions, instructions, and road maps on where and how to research a legal problem or question.

(Legal SELF HELP resource guides are a different animal entirely, and a subject for a different blog post.)

So, Oregon Legal ASSISTANCE Resource Guides:

Note: The following are what could be called Macro-Guides, or Meta Guides. Even more legal assistance / lawyer assistance resources can be found at the websites of the organizations listed in these guides:

1) Find the June 2020 Oregon Legal Assistance Resource Guide at the Washington County Law Library’s website. The Law Library’s Oregon Legal Resource Assistance Guide, which was only a few pages when it originated many years ago. With the help of our Oregon lawyer and librarian communities, the Guide has expanded to 13 pages, not to mention smaller margins. (Ahem.)

(If those direct links change, as they will in time, visit the Washington County Law Library’s homepage for the new link.)

2) See also the State of Oregon Law Library (SOLL) A-Z Legal Aid, a list of legal aid organizations in Oregon. And follow the SOLL on Twitter @ORlawlib.


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